Winter-Ready, Heavy-Duty Greenhouses: Loved by Growers Across Canada

Between rising prices at the supermarket & a growing awareness of our individual impact on our environment, home gardening is perhaps more commonplace than ever in our collective cultural milieu. But whether you’re seeking to bolster your fridge & pantry with some home-grown goodies, or simply looking to unwind with a fulfilling and active hobby, one thing for certain is that the green thumb comes with an itch to expand & improve.

Through the trials & tribulations of the home gardener – one shared dilemma among Canadians in particular is often the reality of our temperamental (and often short) growing seasons. And try as we may, we can’t change the weather – home gardeners must adapt in kind to extend that growing season into the autumn and winter months. Many growers are turning to greenhouses to do just that.

“I wanted my growing season to be just a bit longer so I could grow just a bit more food for my family,’ said Amber Allen, a mom & home gardener. ‘I found Planta greenhouses by researching structurally sound greenhouses that can withstand snow.’

Planta greenhouses are built to withstand diverse Canadian climates; from Yellowknife to Halifax – and they have customers all over the US & Canada that can attest to their functionality and ease of construction. Modern consumer greenhouses don’t simply come in a ‘one size fits all’, and with a bit of research, any grower can find a variety that fits their scale & needs.

Amber’s advice: “Go slowly, make it make sense for you and your gardening, because you can get inspiration from other gardeners and other people online, but you need to adapt things so that they work for you and your growing climate.”

Amber Allen
Planta Greenhouse Owner