Reinforcing Climate Initiatives with Hybrid Home Heating & Cooling Solutions

One way or another, Canadians are often quick to realize that home-ownership can be a never-ending exercise in maintenance & adaptation. Keeping an eye on efficiency trends can go a long way in saving you from both headaches & hits to your savings. 

For the most part, we’ve always been progressive when it comes to insulating ourselves from costly missteps  like outdated windows, wasteful appliances & the like. In recent years, climate awareness and rising fossil fuel prices have compounded interest in seeking new & better home heating & cooling solutions.

Heat pumps are a growing tool in the homeowners toolkit to improve heating & cooling efficiency; reducing cost and reducing our carbon footprint. Advancements in technology and an increased demand for eco-friendly solutions have improved the options available to home-owners; including a rise in popularity of hybrid systems.

According to Clive Carr from Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada, hybrid heating systems can be best understood as follows: “It’s using two different energy sources: an electric heat pump in conjunction with a pre-existing heat source – it can be automated to run the most economical system when appropriate.”

Smart solutions like hybrid heat pump systems will likely play a large role going into the future, as government incentives are often available to encourage home-owners to alter their approach to home heating and cooling.

Clive Carr
Residential Sale Manager,
Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada

Candace Steinberg
Marketing Manger,
Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada