Fresh AND Frozen: Changing the Game

Whether due to last minute changes of plans, tight family or work schedules, small windows of peace; there are many reasons we turn to fast, fulfilling meal-time options… and often find ourselves reaching for the freezer. Alongside that convenience often comes a sense of ‘what could have been’ – that the tradeoff of saving time may have come at the expense of quality or flavour.

However, the modern-day frozen food product has changed in a lot of ways versus that less-than-savoury public perception. Manufacturers have capitalised on improved technologies and are eager to meet and surpass the stringent particularities of the contemporary frozen aisle shopper. And those consumer standards have never been higher.

Lauren Watkins, President of PuraVida Foods views her company’s role in the current market as more than a trend-setter. “It’s a revolution in the freezer aisle…” She assesses. “We’ve been seeing this push for minimally processed, whole foods that CAN fit into any kind of lifestyle. It’s simple on the surface, but there’s a lot of room for innovation – and that’s where we want to be: leading the way”

PuraVida Foods is widely available in the US, and is working its way onto some familiar Canadian shelves this year. For Lauren, it’s important to be a part of that clean-label, high-quality frozen food vanguard right here in her home country. In her estimation: “There’s a palace for frozen foods; Canadians are certainly not getting any less busy. So, in my view, ANYONE can benefit from a great fire roasted vegetable or a nutritious grain.”

Lauren Watkins
President, PuraVida Foods