Adding Probiotics to Your Daily Health Routine

Over recent years, public awareness of probiotics (live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit to the host) have grown from general curiosity to full-blown market saturation. It’s not at all unusual to see the supplement aisle at your local grocer or pharmacy replete with dozens of probiotic options.

Although Canadians are quickly learning the role of these products in their daily health routine, there can be confusion given the sheer number of options available, and the sometimes difficult to distinguish probiotic strain nomenclature.

Lisa Spriet, registered dietician & co-owner of NutriProCan offers this advice when browsing a sea of potential ‘right fits’: “As dieticians, we go straight to the research… and there has to be research to show that those CFUs are actually delivered into your gastrointestinal tract and not destroyed along the way.”

Probiotic products with a long & proven track record of clinical studies, provided by a trusted brand stand alone as prime options in this newly crowded space. One standout example would be Florastor® all-in-1 probiotics, with its unique yeast strain: Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745.

Former Professional Hockey Player & Florastor® ambassador, P.K Subban shares his experience: “I live my life in the fast lane, and don’t always have the time (or access) to the best meals… So, it makes things like vitamins and supplementation… probiotics that much more important.”

Florastor® offers natural derived and safe products, studied in over 100 clinical trials, for more than 65 years and is recommended by the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation. This product and others like it create separation in this space due to its 100+ clinical trials and widespread usage across Canada.

Lisa Spriet
Registered Dietician / Co-owner, NutriProCan